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Futures Friday Update

Year 9 – Helen Bartlett our CSW Careers Development Consultant delivered an assembly to Year 9 students on the importance of skills alongside qualifications. At a time when students are making GCSE choices, this assembly was very timely and demonstrated how extra-curricular activities can add value to a student’s CV, preparing them with the right employability skills for their futures.

Year 10 – City College Plymouth spoke to Year 10 students about their Further Education offer and the importance of working hard to achieve the necessary grades to progress onto the various pathways available to students beyond Year 11 either here at Eggbuckland Community College or elsewhere.

Year 11, 12 and 13 – Last week, Year 11 students were introduced to The Pay Index website, this platform allows students to research job sectors, compare apprenticeship and university job markets, research pay scales and the local labour markets across the country.

This week students were given time to register on the website and explore for themselves. The website will be very useful as students make decisions about their futures. Details of how to register are below and we encourage students to look at this website with their families to ensure they make the best, informed decisions for their chosen pathways:

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