Eggbuckland Community College is proudly part of the Westcountry Schools Trust (WeST); a tight knit family of schools based around natural geographical proximity in the South West. We are a proud College, passionate about developing every young person into fine and outstanding individuals, fully prepared to make a success in the next stage of their careers.  Whilst we are first and foremost a place of learning, we also strive to ensure that students remain friendly and secure in a safe environment.  We understand that feeling happy, knowing you are cared for and having your talents as an individual recognised are important factors in getting the best out of our young people.  Only then can our students gain in confidence and enjoy the challenge of self-improvement in all aspects of Academy life.

We are passionate in our belief that every young person should be encouraged to raise their aspirations and make the most of their potential. We live in a competitive and constantly changing world and to meet this challenge we are passionate to ensure that students leave us with the right skills, the confidence, the qualifications and the competencies to be successful global citizens. 

Matthew Corrigan



Wendy Cavell

Chair of Governors