Other Post 16 Options

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Pathways available for Post 16 students

This 2 minute video details the range of qualification and pathways available to Year 11 students - Animation - COVID version .mp4 - Google Drive 


Following COVID, Plymouth City Council have created the following website to support adults and young people as they leave school as well to provide information, advice and guidance on future growth sectors within Plymouth: www.skillslaunchpadplym.co.uk


Another good website to support students and parents through key transition stages is Careerpilot, click on the link for more information:




As well as Lynn Harris, ECC Careers Coordinator based in the Lighthouse, MCC; CSW Group Advisor Online Service & The National Careers Service offer an impartial virtual guidance service that can be accessed out of school hours, if preferred please use the following links to contact this support: 

Contact - CSW Group Ltd.

Careers advice - job profiles, information and resources | National Careers Service


What is an apprenticeship assembly - https://vimeo.com/412215955 15 minutes


Amazing Apprenticeships – The following resources provide information on researching and applying for apprenticeships:


Students wishing to apply for an apprenticeship should register on the Find An Apprenticeship government website and request alerts for the opportunities in areas you are interested in: Find an apprenticeship (findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk)


Don’t forget if you are considering the apprenticeship pathway, you should also have a Plan B either at ECC Sixth Form or another Further Education establishment to ensure you have a destination after Year 11.

The following sectors are growth areas in Plymouth, check out the links to see what opportunities exist for students both now and in the future:

Construction Sector

As an adopted school with Building Plymouth, please use the following link for more information and to see what opportunities are available: www.buildingplymouth.co.uk


Manufacturing & Engineering

Explore Manufacturing In Plymouth | Plymouth Makes

See what is being made here in Plymouth, you will be amazed by the diverse range of opportunities.



Research the range of jobs available within the National Health Service:

Step into the NHS | help young people discover NHS careers

Register with NHS jobs to see what opportunities are available locally - Step Into The NHS :: NHS Jobs


Marine & Defence

RAF Apprenticeships Video (3mins)



Intro to Army Video



Intro to Royal Navy



The Lighthouse

Careers at ECC

Click here for

more information