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Kelly Palmer
Family Support Advisor 
Young Carers Lead

Family Support Advisor 

  • This role in College has been developed to provide information, advice and support to families.


  • I am a member of the support staff who is available to listen to any worries or concerns you may have with regards to student’s behaviour, learning or welfare.


  • I am here to support families and this service is confidential and impartial.


  • I am also able to offer advice, guidance and information on all aspects of family life not just those restricted to education.


  • Part of my role will be to gain parents’ views and ensure these are represented, further developing the partnership between College and parents so that all parents are confident about the work of the College and understand how their views are taken into account.

Young Carers Lead

Kelly Palmer is the Young Carer Lead for Eggbuckland Community College and is available to support our Young Carers to understand the challenges that they may face, can provide mentoring or just a quiet place to take time out. This will be treated in a sensitive and confidential approach, working with the student to ensure the correct level of support is found.

We can also link with outside agencies and charities, such as time4u, Barnardos and Caring
for Carers to make sure that wraparound provision is provided outside of the College day and over school holidays.

Young Carers
A Young Carer is a young person under 18 years of age who looks after someone at home who could
have a physical disability, learning disability, mental illness, chronic illness or a substance misuse
problem. In some instances, they may care for more than one family member.

What might a Young Carer’s role involve?
The tasks and level of caring undertaken by young carers can vary.


It could include any number of the following:

  • Emotional support

  • Practical support including cooking, housework or shopping

  • Physical and personal care in and around the home

  • Managing medication

  • Supporting younger siblings

  • Being the point of communication within the home

  • The list is endless……

This can impact all aspects of a young person’s educational and social needs.

If you would like my support please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mobile number: 07595 087 667

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