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Literacy Pledge

Parent Pledge: Literacy

Our vision:

The ability to read, write and speak at a high level is essential if our students are to gain access to a powerful curriculum that gives all students access to the very best of what has been thought, written and created.  In the pursuit of an ambitious curriculum with ‘social justice’ at its’ heart, reading and writing with fluency and automaticity is of fundamental importance. 

All students at Eggbuckland Community College will read to, at the very least, their chronological age.  Where this is not the case, and a student falls significantly below this threshold, they will be placed on a ‘Catch Up’ programme.

The evidence we use to identify students significantly below chronological age in their reading and writing includes:

KS2 SAT analysis

NGRT testing at Eggbuckland

Class teacher assessments

Communications with the students and their family.

If students are identified as significantly below chronological age for reading and/or writing, the following will be actioned, (depending on the needs of the child).

Undergoing further analysis to pinpoint the support required through YARC testing.

A move of set or class.

Extraction with a specialist member of staff during DIRT time.

Specialist Support out of lesson

Support from our learning Mentor.

Joining a tutor group run by a specialist teacher in literacy.

Support lesson from a tutor from the National Tutoring programme.

Investigate any undiagnosed SEND need

At regular intervals, the progress of the students on our Catch Up programmes will be monitored and changes to support made as appropriate.

We are ambitious that all students enjoy reading, writing and oracy levels above their chronological age.  Thus, we offer universal (all students) support to include.

Teaching by specialist staff

DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read) at the start of each periods for KS3.

Tutor reading with age appropriate books and follow on discussions.

Teachers reinforcing Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary in lessons.

An insistence that students articulate their views, ideas and respond in full sentences.

A whole College drive to improve the quality of student extended writing.


If students have a diagnosed SEND need, they will receive tailored support from the SEND Team.

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