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Who we are

In the HSC we have a whole host of specialist roles to ensure that efficient support is given to our students.

Ms J Childs – Director of SEND
Miss C Jones – Teacher of the Deaf 
Ms S Gillan – Admin Assistant and HSC Co-Coordinator (for our contact could we please have it as the account only)

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Ms J Childs 

Director of SEND

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Miss C Jones

Teacher of the Deaf

Gillan Sarah Mrs Sept 14.JPG

Ms S Gillan 

Admin Assistant and HSC Co-Coordinator

Communication Support Worker (CSWs)

A CSW helps to break down communication barriers by including the student socially as well as academically. It is likely that the CSW will sit at the front of the classroom for a student who requires signed support. Alternatively, they will sit next to the student and offer support. A CSW may also fulfil some of the support a TA does.

Northcote, Elizabeth - Sept 19.jpg

Ms E Northcote

Communication Support Worker 

Jason Trotter.jpg

Mr J Trotter

Communication Support Worker 

Walsh Lorraine Mrs - January 2018.JPG

Mrs L Walsh

Communication Support Worker 


Mrs L Ronan

Communication Support Worker 

Specialist Teaching Assistants (TAs)

A TA works with the student to provide support with their work, this might be in the form of note taking, scribing, clarifying, or simplifying the work to the students understanding. Our TAs also work 1:1 with our students back in the HSC on homework help, new topics or revision.


Mrs H Grindle

Specialist Teaching Assistants


Mrs E Hamlyn

Specialist Teaching Assistants


Mrs R Rogers

Specialist Teaching Assistants


Miss R Bradley

Specialist Teaching Assistants


Miss Fernandes

Specialist Teaching Assistants


Mrs S Walters

Specialist Teaching Assistants


Mrs A Jeal

Specialist Teaching Assistants


Miss S Couch

Specialist Teaching Assistants

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