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What we do

The Hearing Support Centre is a space where students who are deaf or have a hearing loss can get advice and support accessing the mainstream curriculum.

The HSC is situated in the Compass building, up the steps by The Link. It has one main teaching classroom, which is fitted with a Soundfield, and a smaller 1:1 room.

Students who have an EHCP have access to specialised Teaching Assistants or a Communication Support Worker in lessons as well as having individualised pre and post teaching lessons (known as HSC lessons). 

The HSC can also be used by all students (with and without a hearing loss) as a quiet space during social time, getting support with homework, audiology needs or to learn British Sign Language (BSL).

We also provide deaf awareness training for students and staff across the trust.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit or make an appointment by emailing 

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