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Vikki Watts
Pastoral Support Mentor

At Eggbuckland Community College we recognise that young people learn best and are happier in college if their social, emotional, and mental health needs are supported. As well as equipping our students with tools to identify and manage these needs, we can also support them to develop and achieve personal and academic goals.

Pastoral Support Mentoring involves building a strong, consistent relationship, empowering our students to navigate challenges and develop resilience.

Students are referred by their Head of Year, to attend a number of sessions which explore agreed outcomes. The sessions are both person centred and solution-focused, presenting various strategies to allow students to navigate the best ways to deal with situations themselves.

I am able to offer targeted individual or group sessions to students who have been identified by their Head of Year as needing additional social, emotional or mental health support.

In addition, I offer ‘Drop In’ support sessions. Drop In sessions provide early help, offering support as soon as a problem emerges, setting aside time for students to talk about any difficulties that may arise during their time here at Eggbuckland Community College.


If further support is needed, we can work together to signpost and liaise with outside agencies and charities, such as Young Devon, Jerimiah’s Journey, the Mental Health Support Team, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, and The Zone to name a few.

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