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TICK Value of the Week

At Eggbuckland, we believe that knowledge is power. It is why we have made ‘knowledge’ one of our core values. Our curriculum teams and teachers work hard to make sure that our students have access to, and are taught, what we feel is the most powerful knowledge. Each lesson has been carefully constructed with consideration of what students need to know and commit to memory in order to increase their wider understanding of the world and better their life chances.


However, not all knowledge taught at school is done so in subject areas. It is also our responsibility to provide access to knowledge which will allow our young people to make informed choices about their lives. Sometimes that knowledge can be difficult and even uncomfortable to learn.


This week, students in Years 8, 9 and 10 heard about the dangers and consequences of vaping from Devon and Cornwall Police. They were given the knowledge about the health risks to vaping but also the potential legal consequences for possessing and using a vape. We believe this knowledge is important so that our students can make the right, informed, decisions.


The core knowledge delivered:

· Vapes, particularly those with THC/Spice are an unknown, unregulated risk to health. They can result in long term illness or even death.

· Being in possession of any kind of vape under the age of 18 can result in a criminal record which will impact your life in the future.


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