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It’s amazing that there are so many books available which explore ideas around mental health and mental health for young people… but that did mean it was hard to pick just one this week! This text not only touches on some very relevant issues for our young people but also on the importance of exercise for our wellbeing.


Like A Girl by Rebecca Westcott


Eden McCoy doesn’t fit in. All she’s good at is running, and she doesn’t even dare join the track team. Her priority is to stay in the shadows and avoid the Glossies – a ruthless clique of girls who use social media to punish and humiliate their targets. But one day, Eden breaks her vow to stay unnoticed: she beats track star Mikki in a race. This bold move captures the attention of the Glossies, who decide Eden needs to either prove her loyalty – or suffer the consequences. And so The Testing begins…


Inspired by research into real teen opinions about the risks and benefits of social media, Like A Girl is a grippingly entertaining and moving story that also explores the joy to be found in running and exercise.

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