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Lessons move online for Year 8

With our lovely Year 8 students in isolation their lessons moved online for two weeks. Students were able to receive their usual timetabled lessons, at the usual time, with their usual teachers, live at home, on Microsoft Teams. It has been a learning curve in mastering the technology for everyone but we are delighted at how well the students and staff have risen to the challenge. The College has received very positive feedback from our staff and parents about how engaged and committed students have been to this new style of teaching and learning. One student summed up the views of many: “When this happened I was worried it wasn’t going to go well but it has, the teachers are like normal and I’m pretty much used to it now.” Well done to you all!

Mrs Towers’ enthusiasm and delight with her Year 8 History class wins the day and they receive ‘Virtual Class of the Week’ award. She said, “It is very strange being in a classroom talking to a class who aren’t sat in front of you but the students have been magnificent. It is wonderful hearing them asking questions, engaging with the lesson and talking with me even though they are at home.”

We look forward to welcoming Year 8 back in person on Monday 28th September at 8:40am.

Hopefully it will never happen, but we are now prepared to move live teaching online for any year group that might find itself in isolation in the future.

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