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Futures Friday

Year 8 today met PCSO Tony Thorp from Devon and Cornwall Police. He talked to the students about his role in the community, including his career journey. PCSO Thorp also reminded the students of the importance of staying safe both in person and online as actions carried out in haste as a young person can influence future career pathways with employers routinely now carrying out background checks on future employees.

Year 9 and Year 11 both had the first of a series important assemblies this week on making the right choices. Year 9 have been introduced to the Key Stage 4 guidance process and what to consider for their future GCSE choices. Year 11 students have been introduced to the Post 16 options available both here at Eggbuckland Community College and elsewhere across the city. These are exciting times for our Year 9 and 11 students and we encourage them to research all the options available to them to ensure they make the best informed choices. We look forward to discussing these matters further over the next few weeks and at the relevant information evenings in the New Year.

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