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Carrying on with our Red Nose Day celebrations, we think it is important we understand why some of these people need our help. If you read anything this weekend, make it these stories.


The team at Red Nose Day say this: “Welcome to this celebration of the strength, support and sense of humour it takes to rebuild your life in the UK. It’s a collection of stories about seven individual journeys. About what it took to get here and the new journey each person has been on since they arrived. For one contributor, that moment was seven months ago. For another it was 27 years.


Each story has been shared on the contributor’s own terms and captured by a team that knows how it feels to have to start over in Britain.


The celebrated filmmaker, Hassan Akkad, co-produced the project for Comic Relief and interviewed each storyteller. The brilliant Amir Mahdavi was lead photographer. The resulting stories are funny, surprising and moving and we hope you enjoy them.”


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