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Eggbuckland at the Theatre

On Thursday 25th April, 35 Eggbuckland students from Years 9,10 and 11 went to see ‘The Department of Distractions’ presented by Third Angel at Plymouth Theatre Royal.

The story was set on one day in the office of the ‘Department of Distractions’ where four employees, joined by the new girl Daphne, try to solve a disappearance that threatens the secrecy of their business. Told mainly through monologues which jumped between characters, the actors only changed their facial expressions and gestures. This gave Eggbuckland Drama students a clear example of how both flashbacks and flash forwards can be acted out on stage in real time, using NO costume changes or transitions. The big twist towards the end was thrilling as none of use saw that it coming! It was a clever and thought provoking piece of theatre which we all enjoyed and yet again Eggbuckland students were fantastic

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