Year 9 Key Stage 4 Guidance and Options

The Year 9 Options process is an exciting time for our students as they are choosing the subjects they wish to study in greater depth for the next two years.  This is a big commitment and getting it right is key to future success.


To help students make fully informed choices, since September (and continuing throughout the year) we have timetabled every student a block of lessons in each of the optional subjects we offer.  In making final decisions, it is important that students reflect on how much they enjoyed these lessons, how interesting they found the content and how studying this option may support their career plans.  Option subjects that tick each of these boxes should be a contender for your final choices!  We strongly advise students to select qualifications that make up the English Baccalaureate in order to ensure all future careers aspirations are kept open.  The Baccalaureate is made up of studying English, Mathematics, Science, a Language (e.g. French) and one of Geography or History.  Students selecting this pathway can also select a further two options of their choice.


In order to involve our Parents / Carers in the Options process, we are putting on a number of events:

  • Thursday 13th January  we are hosting a virtual Year 9 to 10 Options Evening.  This will be the start of the formal options process. More details will be sent about the time this event starts.

  • Thursday 3rd February there is our Subject Parents' Evening when parents/carers can talk with their child’s current teachers about their suitability to study the subject.


Monday 14th February is the deadline for return of all completed Option forms.  Whilst we will always endeavour to give students the options they have chosen, please understand that on rare occasions this may not be possible e.g. if there are not enough students who have selected an option to make it a viable class, then I am afraid that this option may not run.


We are always at the end of a phone or email should you wish to talk anything through with us.


Best wishes and good luck,

Matthew Corrigan


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