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Year groups of the week : Year 11 and 12/13

Years 11 and 12/13 should be recognised for their outstanding behaviour, attitude and commitment during the long examination period. We are very proud of the way they have coped with, what is always, a very stressful time for students.

Year 11 exam papers are being moderated across WeST ( 8 Secondary schools) and grades handed to students on Thursday 16th December. There is an on-line Year 11 Subject Parents’ Evening scheduled for Wednesday January 6th. Year 12/13 will have their on-line Subject Parents’ Evening on Thursday 9th December and this is when teachers will give initial feedback about individual progress and outcomes. Year 13 ‘official mock grades’ will be released at the start of next term.

With such quality students in Years 11 and 13 working so hard, we are confidently predicting the College’s best ever results next summer.

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