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Mr Corrigan’s year group of the week

This week’s ‘Class of the Week’ accolade goes to our very special Year 11 students. Teachers have been incredibly impressed at the way each individual has started the new academic year. Calm, hardworking, resilient and determined to do their very best, what more can anyone ask? They are an absolute joy to teach and be around.

The photographs are of students in their Period 6, an extra lesson at the end of the day. These lessons will, in part, make up for the weeks of lockdown imposed on schools and were, the old year 11 claim, a big reason why our results were so good last year. A big shout out for Mr Daw’s Year 11 maths class who feature in the photos too.

We have very high hopes for Year 11. They are not only full of fine and outstanding individuals, but with continued hard work and commitment, this cohort is also on track to be the College’s highest achieving GCSE year ever !

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