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Mr Corrigan’s Classes of the Week: another double award!

Mr Nicholas would not allow me peace and quiet during half term if I did not award his favourite class the ‘Class of the Week’ accolade. He tells me that they are, “Intelligent, lively, thoughtful and enjoy sharing ideas. They show much maturity and wisdom when discussing a range of issues. They are magnificent!”

My second class of the week goes to Miss Carruthers’ English Year 8 class. They have been nominated for their ‘never give up’ attitude and for the excellent progress they are making in English. Miss Carruthers is full of pride when she claims, “It is my first year of teaching and I shall never forget every individual in this wonderful class. They are all keen to do well and are a joy to teach. It is classes like this that I became a teacher for”.

Congratulations to every student. We are very proud of you.

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