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Class of the week

As usual, we have been inundated with recommendations from staff about why a particular class they teach should be recognised as ‘Class of the Week’. This week was a particularly difficult week to select one winner, so we have chosen two, both from the higher end of the College.

In Year 11, we are proud to recognise the exceptional achievements of about 25 students. Whilst the vast majority of students achieved very worthy December Mock results in line with their (and our) high expectations, the students pictured performed exceptionally well, their attainment and/or progress putting each one in the top 10% of students attending any school in the country, let alone Eggbuckland. This is amazing and a big well done to you all.

Miss Grant’s Year 13 Spanish group are, sadly, nearing the end of their time with us at Eggbuckland. Miss Grant is full of admiration for each individual in this class and will miss them like crazy! From day one they have been an absolute joy to teach and are, to quote Miss Grant, “Miss Grant’s class of the decade.” Congratulations to you all.

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