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A message from our Head Students
Ofsted judgements about our Sixth Form

I represent the entire Sixth Form in completely opposing the distorted viewpoints presented by Ofsted. To say that the entirety of a pupil population is ‘unambitious and teachers do not have high expectations of us’, in my opinion, carries no truthful weight within our school. In my friendship group I know of aspiring nuclear engineers, lawyers, biomedical engineers, astrophysicists, physiotherapists and psychologists.  This incorrect label only serves to devalue the momentous amounts of time, effort and hard work I, as well as everyone within our sixth-form, have invested into pursuing the careers we have selected for ourselves.

When coupled with the idea that that we remain ‘unchallenged’, it almost seems that our report had no basis of truth to it.  How can we not be encouraged to try and achieve highly when AS/A level mock exams are so frequent? The records of our academic progress following these exams only serve to provide a necessity to improve, adapt and oppose future mistakes; to strengthen our weaknesses in order to meet the expectations we know we are able to reach.

Throughout my time at Eggbuckland, I have always had the brilliant support of teachers and career advisors, aiding me to find and partake in varieties of work experiences and courses, pushing me towards my desired career in neurosurgery. A school should never deter students from their desired career paths, and certainly should never devalue a student’s development purely as a result of an occupational pursuit Ofsted considers as ‘unambitious’.   Ambition lies with the career paths we choose for ourselves, in accordance to our interests and talents.  


Eggbuckland Community College provides the skills, boundless support and teaching to enable all students to realise, as well as reach, their potential. We are taught to pursue the most we possibly can, as long as it is along the pathway we, as individuals, wish to take.

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