Science - Year 11 - Lesson 1

Instructions for Lesson 1:

Over the next 5 lessons you will do some preparation for the Physics Paper 1 Examination you have.

3 lessons will be revision, 1 completing a paper in exam conditions, and 1 reviewing your work. This will help you prepare for your final examinations in the summer.


  • From the revision sheets pick 4 of them, which you feel you need to do most work on (don’t pick the easy ones, pick the hard ones!)

  • Using your revision guide which you have on loan, complete these sheets filling in the boxes relevant to you. Note if they say HIGHER TIER ONLY or SEPARATE SCIENCE ONLY or TRIPLE SCIENCE. If you are unsure if the sheets are relevant to you, email your Science teacher. You could attempt the sheets without your revision guide, and then check them and add to them in a different colour to identify to you what you know already and what you have looked up, and hence need to revise.