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The tasks outlined below can be completed in any order throughout the day, each task is designed to take no more than 1 hour and we would advise that you take regular breaks throughout your working day.  We look forward to seeing you back in College on Friday.

Year 11 

All year 11 students will have a wide range of revision opportunities available to you in your Year 11 revision booklet. We would advise that you spend the day utilising this opportunity to get ahead with your revision. If you do not have a copy of your booklet at home, please see the electronic copy of the is booklet available here: Year 11 revision booklet


Year 11 Maths

Please log on to Sparx and click on “independent learning”.  

Search for and then complete one of the sessions listed below.  (Each individual Sparx code is one session) 

All of these will be excellent revision for the forthcoming mocks. 

Alternatively, you may complete the work set in the Yr 11 Revision booklet if you’d prefer.   Your teacher will be able to see which one you complete.

Year 11.jpg

Year 11 Science

Either – use the links to educake in your Year 11 revision booklets to revise chemistry paper 1 to prepare for your upcoming mocks or…

…to revise the current topic “Chemistry of the Atmosphere” by reading the educake study guide slides at the link below and attempt as many questions on the quiz at the same link:


Year 11 English

If you have exhausted all revision opportunities from your year 11 revision booklet then there is additional English revision that can be accessed here: Go to 'Year 10 (Yes Year 10, it's revision for their upcoming mock exam): Unit 7: Lesson 9: Revisiting An Inspector Calls: Lesson 9 'The Generational Divide.'

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