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Year 9 Art - Day 3 of Design Lab Nation

Following on from a brilliant day at the V&A in London, students were invited to Makers HQ, Union Street Makers HQ | Fashion Sampling | Devon | Plymouth where they worked in studios with a variety of experiences – tie dye, shibori, print-making and using sewing machines. Makers HQ have been able to reignite fashion and textiles manufacturing in the city and are instrumental in up-skilling and supporting qualifications in pattern drafting, sampling, manual and digital patterns and producing short production runs. It was a real insight to be based there for the day, speaking about job opportunities and careers as well as the wonderful background to the building where we were based – Jaeger, a British fashion house had their factory there in the 80s.

The students worked brilliantly on developing their ideas and creating samples to inspire their work. Another excellent day.

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