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Year 10 Aspirations’ Day

On Wednesday, our Year 10 students had a collapsed timetable day to participate in a range of work related learning activities.

The day started with all students visiting the SW Skills Show at Plymouth Pavilions where they participated in activities, talked to FE and HE institutions and generally investigated the opportunities available to them after Year 11 and the Sixth Form.

The second session was from Sharron Robbie from the National Apprenticeship Service hearing about the wide range of apprenticeship opportunities available both in Plymouth and nationally. Finally, the students spent time with Next Steps SW ambassadors researching the ideas they had gathered from the morning’s activities on the Careerpilot website.

Students embraced the different activities on offer and it certainly generated some interesting conversations on what they wanted from their futures plus what hard work is required to achieve the necessary qualifications and skills to succeed.

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