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Weekly round-up from the Principal!

Winter has definitely started to appear this week! And its also beginning to look a lot more like Christmas at the College with Christmas trees now in situ across the site.

With colder weather in full force, can I remind all students to bring a coat to College to wear whilst moving across the site and that a black v-necked jumper can be worn under blazers if an additional layer is required; everyone can meet our expectations. Students will be asked to remove non-uniform jumpers or hoodies.

Thank you to our students who continue to demonstrate excellent consideration towards our College community, living out our College TICK values in spades – almost 150 Big Green TICK awards have been issued so far this half term for specific instances where students have gone above and beyond. Well done!

Year 11 had the opportunity to celebrate the end of their mock exams on Monday, with a Pizza party during Tutor time. Well done to all of Year 11 who thoroughly deserved the reward for the way they approached the mock period – they were exceptional. I’ve also heard fantastic feedback from the English team regarding students’ Speaking and Listening exams this week. Now is the time to make the most of every minute in every lesson to push towards that next grade – everyone really can!

Plans are well underway for the Year 7 Christmas Fayre, taking place on Thursday, 14 December 3:30pm-5:00pm: more information to come from Mr Swain and the team in due course! Also, further to my update last week, I am delighted to congratulate Isla E in Year 7 who has also been chosen to perform in the West End this weekend along with Harry W. Well done and good luck on the stage!

It was a pleasure to meet our Students of the Week from last half term again to award them with their long-awaited trophies. Congratulations again on your wonderful achievement. And for this week, the prestigious award and title of Student of Week goes to:

Year 7: Chloe M

Year 8: Oliver P

Year 10: Nathaniel C

Year 11: Harrison B

Sixth Form: To be announced next week

Finally, can I remind all parents and carers who collect their children at the end of the day, not to park in allocated spaces belonging to our local residents; these spaces are not part of the College site and are for the exclusive use of our neighbouring residents. Many thanks for your cooperation.

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