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Weekly round-up from the Principal

I will start the weekly round-up this week by saying how utterly proud I am of the way that our Year 11 and Year 13 students have approached their mock exams this week. Mock exams are an opportunity for students to know what it feels and looks like to complete exam papers in our exam venues, as it will be in the ‘real thing’. Students have risen to the challenge of the exams and have approached them with maturity and confidence. It has also been great to see Year 11s taking the opportunity to join our drop-in revision sessions in the Boardwalk at 8:15am each morning to help them get exam ready! We are now half-way through - well done so far and good luck next week.

This week has also been National Anti-Bullying week. This kicked off in style with the annual ‘odd socks’ day – thank you to all students and staff who took part! The theme for Anti-Bullying Week this year has been ‘Make A Noise About Bullying’ and tutor time this week was our ‘Anti-Bullying takeover’ where sessions focused on ‘when banter becomes bullying’ and ‘positive noticing’. The theme was aimed to empower young people to do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes. It is extremely important that we continue to regularly educate all young people on bullying - what this looks like and the impact on others – bullying is not tolerated at the College and we take all reports very seriously. It was lovely to see students really embracing ‘positive noticing day’ and taking the time to share positive comments with each other to have a positive impact in across our community – time and time again, our students demonstrate compassion and integrity through their actions.

Rarely a week goes by without a Sixth Form event and this week, Year 12 students went to the Learn2 Live event in Plymouth. Learn2Live is a road safety education partnership aimed at young people aged 16-19. 100% of our students attended the event and heard real-life stories and information from professionals about the importance of road safety at this crucial time when many young people are thinking about learning to drive or being passengers in their friends’ cars.

Next week, students will notice new signage around the College making it really clear if an area is ‘Out of Bounds’ during breaktimes, now that the winter weather is in full flow. A huge well done to Year 7 and 8 who have adapted really well to the new routine of using the Drama Studio as their indoor space during breaktimes – a particular big shout out to those students who have taken lead roles in ensuring that the space is left as a clean and tidy teaching space at the end of each breaktime – you are a credit to us and your families. Well done! I also congratulate all students who have been receiving the ‘Big Green Tick’ award on Class Charts – this awarded to students for doing the right thing to help our College community, without being asked.

On the note of signage, signs will also be up in the Car Park from next week to make it clear where parents and carers should be picking up and dropping off. Please can I ask for the support of our parents and carers to use this dedicated area to avoid blocking the roundabout at the College entrance – this will aid the smooth flow of traffic in and out of school at the start and end of the day.

You will have noticed that we have now started reporting our Sporting News in a bigger, separate post. With plenty of fixtures and events coming up, I wish all students good luck and I thank you for proudly representing Eggbuckland.

And now to our Students of the Week – it is always such a joy to present the award to students across the College and hear about the positive things they are doing both in and out of College. At Eggbuckland, we know that ‘Everyone can’ and look for as many ways to celebrate this a possible.

Year 7: Harry W

Year 8: To be announced next week

Year 9: Lennon P

Year 10: To be announced next week

Year 11: To be announced next week

Sixth Form: Alana H

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