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Update Coronavirus

In order to keep any risks to a minimum, we have recently given all students information on hand and respiratory hygiene. Key points we have emphasised are about how to wash hands thoroughly and how to ensure germs are not spread, using the phrase ‘Catch it, Bin it and Kill it”.

We have also ensured that all classrooms have tissues and should students feel a sneeze coming and a tissue not to be in hand, they should sneeze into their elbow (where their arm bends!). All toilets have soap and this is checked every day.

All parents will receive a letter early next week which will contain the latest information from Public Health England. We will also be requesting from parents their Easter holiday destination so that should a child return from travel abroad and have flu like symptoms in school (in the first two weeks back) we will be able to identify whether they have been holidaying in a ‘Coronavirus hotspot’. This will allow us to take the appropriate action.

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