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University Mentoring

A select group of Year 10 students have participated in the Brightside Mentoring Project funded by Next Steps South West. Students were matched by their interests to a mentor from university who could support them over a period of 8 weeks. Benefits to students of the programme include:

· A chance to look at the range of options that are available to students after completing GCSEs, such as apprenticeships, A-Levels, other vocational courses as well as university and jobs.

· A mentor provides advice just for you, based on your experience and based on what you want to do in your future, no matter which pathway you want to take.

· A chance to talk to someone who's been in your shoes before and someone a little further along who can pass on their experience and knowledge to you.

· An opportunity to get tips about work experience, revision, studying and developing your skills.

All the students who participated have found the experience useful and it has made them think about their futures, which is especially important as they complete their time in Year 10 and move into Year 11 from September.

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