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Top 10 Tips for remote learning

1. Get out of your pyjamas and have breakfast!

It's important to get up and ready for the day as if you were coming to College.

Wearing something other than your pyjamas will make you feel ready to take on any tasks you have.

2. Develop a routine

As well as waking up on time and attending classes, it’s important to schedule in time to go over notes and have some ‘down time’.

Writing down tasks first thing in the morning will allow you to set your intentions for the day and feel motivated to fulfil them.

3. Get actively involved in lessons

Ask questions during lessons, get involved in discussions and if you have a question you want to share privately, email the teacher.

4. Be kind to yourself

Set aside some time each day for relaxation and exercise.

5. Create a work environment

Making a space dedicated to just studying will help you to concentrate better. To create a productive workspace, make sure the objects around you are only those that relate to studying.

6. Make sure you’ve planned your lunch in advance

Having lunch is important to give you that boost and also to give yourself a break.

7. If you can, cancel out distractions

When you’re studying from home, it can be quite easy to become distracted.

Distance yourself from things that might cause a distraction.

You could put your phone in another room, in a drawer or switch it to ‘Airplane mode’.

8. Adjusting to online classes

It’s important to remember that online classes are just classes with the content delivered in a different way. The time will come (hopefully soon) when we will all be back to Eggbuckland!

9. Reduce the ‘afternoon slump’

Planning something different to enjoy can help you get over the dip in energy and concentration during the afternoon.

If you find yourself feeling restless and unfocused as the day progresses, you might want to do something very different for half an hour. Tidy your room, walk around the house, do some exercise and/or grab a snack.

When you sit back down, you’ll have a clearer mind and be ready to focus for another lesson.

10. Have other activities planned

Plan out activities at the end of the day that will help you take your mind off studying, rest and recharge.

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