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TICK Value of The Week

Having integrity is about having strong moral principles; knowing what is right and wrong, and acting accordingly. For most, that is fairly straight forward when considering our own actions – we have an internal moral compass, our conscience, that can guide us to doing the right thing. But what about when it is other people’s actions? How do we show integrity when we are not in control of what other people do?


Sometimes, in school and out in the community, you will see things that are not right. Be it vandalism, unkind treatment of others, or even more serious criminal offences. These are not things that you would ever do because you know they are wrong… but maybe you ignore it or even laugh along. Just because you are not taking part in the wrong behaviour does not mean you are showing integrity. To truly show integrity, you must report and/or challenge things you see which are wrong.


Think about what you see or hear around you in the coming weeks… are you witnessing something that you know is wrong? How can you show integrity in that moment?

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