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TICK Value of the Week



The start of a new calendar year often brings lots of change. This can be exciting as with new year resolutions comes the possibility for fresh starts and reaching new goals. However, change can also be quite daunting for some and may require some extra tenacity.


Perhaps your resolution is to try something new or get involved more in College life. Don’t forget that next week we launch our new extra-curricular clubs/opportunities so what better time to be tenacious? Be brave, be determined, and go and try something different! 


For Year 11 and Year 13, this is the year they will sit their GCSEs and A levels, so for many their resolution will be around revision and reaching those goals. This will require huge amounts of tenacity, but we know from their mock exams that our students possess plenty of it.


Whatever the new year resolution or changes coming in 2024, remember that tenacity is not about perfection – it is about striving to be just a little bit better every single day and determinedly trying your best.


Bring on 2024!


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