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TICK Value of the Week

Last week, we reminded students and our community about the importance of being tenacious and why it is one of our core values. Since the start of the year, students across the College have been demonstrating their tenacity in a multitude of ways.

It gives us great pleasure to announce the following students are our most tenacious students so far this year:

1. John B (7RLO)

2. Harley C (8EXC)

3. Ernie S (9JNA)

4. Jack H (8ARV)

5. Summer S (8ARV)

6. Quinn L (10GOC)

7. Arnold S (8BJM)

8. Amelia D (8EXC)

9. Isla M (8AJF)

10. Frankie F (8MHW)

These students are shining examples of one of our core values and have all received a commendation today.

We should also say a big well done to Mr Castlehouse (Head or Year 8) who clearly has the most tenacious year group with 7 of our top 10 being in his year group. Well done, Mr Castlehouse and Year 8!

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