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Student’s Successes Celebrated at Spring Awards

Award Winner

Hannah Tustain, 17, Millbrook Music Performing & Production Arts Student of the Term

Hannah has a hearing impairment, but has developed excellent personal strategies for ensuring there is no barrier to her learning. As a compassionate and caring member of her group, Hannah always looks to support other students and has already made a significant contribution to College life through a number of performance projects, including playing a number of roles in a recent performance of ‘One Million Tiny Plays About Britain’ by Craig Taylor. She is currently working with her group on a new piece of original theatre which explores modes of communication, highlighting the perils of not understanding a given situation, particularly for the hearing impaired.

“I love my course at College. My confidence in acting is really developing and it’s been great to play a part in developing the signing skills of staff within the department in order to better support other students like myself. Hopefully, this will help me to further develop my skills and scope as a theatre maker.”

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