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Student Perceptions of the First 2 Weeks

The Student Council represents the views of the whole student body. This week they met with Mr Corrigan to discuss their perceptions of the changes ECC has made to ensure students are kept safe.

In summary, the Council spoke positively about the following:

1) The zoning of whole year groups into localised areas of the College. It was felt this successfully reduced mixing between years.

2) Whilst the ‘R’ rate was low in Plymouth, giving students the choice to wear their masks during lessons and/or social time was considered the right decision.

3) Having different lunch and break times for year groups was deemed to be very positive and students enjoyed the time and space to socialise in their own bubbles.

4) The staggered release of students at the end of the day seemed to work well. Mr Corrigan thanked the students for this as it was their idea in the first place!

The key thing the Council said the College should consider was:

1) If the Plymouth ‘R’ rate increased to the point where it was at, or above, the national average the council were keen to make the wearing of face masks compulsory.

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