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STEM Success!

Last week Year 8 students, Faith, Ellie, Grace, Lucas, Cody and William, had the opportunity to compete in the Faraday Challenge Day at Plymouth University. This challenge posed a real-world STEM problem for students to identify issues and design a solution for. The students then made a prototype of their project and presented their ideas to the other competitors. A very strong team from Kingsbridge took the victory, but all the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and got a lot out of the day.

One student said "In my opinion, I think the Faraday challenge is a brilliant experience and I really enjoyed exploring engineering. As a team I think we all had our different speciality and we used those to the best of our ability to support the team."

Another student commented "I think I and the team were all nervous to present but we did it calmly and after we watched everyone else’s presentation which I think they were as nervous as us which was a relief!"

A great opportunity for these talented mathematicians to put their skills to the test in a competitive environment.

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