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Remote Learning update

On Tuesday we moved our teaching to live online lessons and our students, parents and carers, teachers and support staff have certainly risen to the challenge. Thank you for the very valuable feedback we have received from parents about our remote learning provision. The feedback has been very positive (thank you!) however one concern voiced by a few parents (mostly of students in Years 7 and 8) is how exhausted their children are at the end of the day. These parents are telling us that concentration becomes more and more difficult to maintain as the day progresses.

Therefore, we have informed our teachers that they have the flexibility to reduce the length of a lesson by 10 minutes, making it 45 minutes long. This will give students the time between period 1 and 3 to get a little ‘head space’ before the start of the next lesson.

If anyone is still having difficulties connecting to our remote lessons, please either contact our ICT support Team ( or your child’s Year Team Leader.

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