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Raising Aspirations

Last week, 3 of our Sixth Form students visited the Marine Aquarium for an event designed to encourage more girls to take up careers in STEM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Charlotte, Luisa and Ethel had the following to say about the day. “The trip to the Marine Aquarium was inspirational because we got to meet women who had been told that they weren't capable of achieving their goals because they were female but then went on to do great things. We learnt about how everyday things like wind turbines and planes are powered and we tried to design our own. We also learnt about the importance of maintaining our well-being in laughology. In FLIP (Focus, Language, Imagination and pattern breaking) we learnt about how to develop a growth mindset. In conclusion, we all really enjoyed the trip and the activities it had to offer.

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