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Plans to support student learning in the event of a College closure (COVID 19)

At the time of writing, government guidance is that there are no plans to direct schools to close. However, we would like to offer reassurance that should we be forced to close our College as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, we are very mindful that students continue to learn and study relevant parts of the curriculum and we have plans already in place.

As soon as we receive instructions from Public Health England, the Department for Education or Plymouth Local Authority that we have to close, we will publish guidance for each year group on our website. Materials will be available for each year group and for each subject. For most students this will be centred around a link to the relevant part of their ‘Knowledge Organiser’ that highlights key learning, with additional learning activities in most areas.

For Years 11 and 13 further specific guidance will be available on our website. These students should of course, be already very aware of what areas they need to concentrate on and they should be revising hard in all of their subjects!

For Year 11 and 13 Students – Examinations and COVID 19

As of today, all examinations are due to happen as per the published timetable and students should continue with their revision and preparations. Ensuring that students are able to take their exams is of the utmost importance. Students, parents and carers need to be aware that the exam boards always have contingency arrangements in place and that examinations have always been able to be rescheduled for a later than published date during the summer term in the case of a nationwide crisis, however, this is a decision that will be taken on a national basis and not by individual schools and colleges. The College will be informed of any changes and we will, of course, inform students should there be any amendments as soon as they are made known to us. In the meantime, it is a case of carrying on as normal.

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