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Parent Voice : thank you

Thank you to the 154 parents/carers who completed the questionnaire. It is really important for us to hear your views.

There are a number of issues that the College needs to address, each one mentioned by 3 or more of the parents who responded.

1) The main issue raised by 8 of the parents who completed the questionnaire is the situation with our toilet facilities. Please refer to recent communication about the short- and long-term resolution to this issue which includes a new toilet block being built in the summer and how we have ensured toilets are open all day for students to use. Please refer to the letter sent by email (and put on the Eggbuckland Facebook page) about how this situation has been addressed.

2) 4 parents have asked for a return of work experience in Year 10. We agree that this is a very valuable experience for all students to enjoy and are pleased to report that in July this year, Year 10 are going out on work experience. We are currently working with industry and our year 10 students to place them in appropriate settings.

3) 3 parents asked for a return of Enrichment Week and stressed the importance of this opportunity for personal development. Again, this is already planned in July this year ( 10th to 14th July) and parents will shortly be informed of what each year group is being offered.

4) 3 parents have asked for more feedback about the progress their child is making. We will look at the points they raise and change practice accordingly. On the subject of feedback about progress, Year 8 have a Parents’ Information Evening on the 23rd March, Year 7 on the 27th April and Year 10 on the 25th May. More details to follow. We are so pleased that the College continues to be highly regarded by the vast majority of those completing the questionnaire.

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