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Our Activate Community Programme is back up and running

Everything is in place to welcome our community back to Activate. Our safe practice of limiting spectators and extras on-site, maintaining time gaps between lettings and ‘clean down’ facilities are matched by excellent practice from our activity leaders. Detailed risk assessments with full ‘track and trace’ plus spaced activity is minimising risk and maximising enjoyment. Huge thanks to Lisa Sobey, our Activate Leader, and all club leaders for their hard work and extra efforts.

Our range of sports and activities includes Joola Tabletennis, Krav Maga, Football with Activate and SB Frankfort FC, Spin, Rebound Gymnastics, Dance, Badminton, Tae Kwon Doe, Pilates, Yoga, Netball and Unity Basketball. It changes each day but our Activate Facebook page will up and running very soon so ‘click and like’ the page to receive latest updates.

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