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National Science Week!

In celebration of National Science week Eggbuckland students have been involved in a busy timetable of exciting activities with a variety of external organisations.

Babcock International have delivered Lego Manufacturing workshops for some classes in Years 7, 8 and 9. Pupils enjoyed designing as many Lego cranes as they could in a set time and trying to sell them as part of their business plan. Working in teams our pupils had to act as designers, project managers and materials acquisition. We definitely have some future candidates for Dragons’ Den within our school!

The Royal Navy took all of Year 7 through some fantastic team building sessions midweek. Using their communication and scientific thinking skills, small teams of students had to design and build functional wheelbarrows from large-scale KNEX equipment. They finished up by racing their wheelbarrows carrying left over equipment (only a few wheels flew across the gym!). The Royal Navy team commented on the exceptional attitude and skills of our Year 7s. They were a credit to all their grown-ups – Well done, Year 7!

Year 10 students built on their recent Electricity unit with the Royal Navy’s “Snap circuits” sessions. These sessions saw students in science lessons building bespoke circuits to varying degrees of complexity. If you need your house re-wiring, we have some future electrical engineers amongst the Year 10 cohort.

Inspiring speakers from Unilever (they make Pot Noodles, Shampoo and Magnum ice-cream!) and DSTL (Defense Science and Technology Laboratory) have presented to Years 9 and 10 about varied careers within the sciences that involve more than lab work.

Finally, all students were offered the opportunity to further their understanding of anatomy by completing a full rat dissection after school on Tuesday. This saw students from Years 7 through to 12 working together to learn more about location and identification of organs. The students’ professionalism, respect and curiosity to learn cannot be overstated. They were all a credit to us as a school. It was heartening to see all year groups working cohesively alongside each other, sharing equipment, and supporting one another.

What an amazing week!

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