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Mrs R’s Recommended Read

Stuck in a reading rut? Not sure what to read next? Try this!

How often have you heard someone say they don’t like reading? My response is always that you haven’t found the right book yet. Everyone has that one book that makes them a reader. This was mine.

Witch Child – Celia Rees

When Mary sees her grandmother accused of witchcraft and hanged for the crime, she is silently hurried to safety by an unknown woman. The woman gives her tools to keep the record of her days - paper and ink. Mary is taken to a boat in Plymouth and from there sails to the New World where she hopes to make a new life among the pilgrims. But old superstitions die hard and soon Mary finds that she, like her grandmother, is the victim of ignorance and stupidity, and once more she faces important choices to ensure her survival.

When I read this as a teenager, I was hooked! I have popped a copy in the library; who will be the first to take it out and read it?

Reading age = 11+

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