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Mr Corrigan’s two classes of the week

There are two very worthy winners of this accolade, Mrs French’s Year 10 Maths class and Mrs Riley’s Year 7 Science class. I really could not decide between as both classes are hardworking, making excellent progress, a joy to teach and are full of outstanding individuals.

Mrs Riley is particularly pleased that her Year 7 class are able to balance equations, a skill usually associated with GCSE. This is impressive! Mrs Riley loves her Year 7 class and enjoys every minute with them.

Mrs French is delighted with the total dedication and enthusiasm of her Year 10 class. Mrs French comments, “It is rare to have a class where every individual, without exception, is an absolute delight to teach.” She continues to say, “This class will smash GCSE Maths next year and achieve very high grades”.

Well done to you all, we are so proud. Keep it going!

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