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Mr Corrigan’s Classes of the week

Mrs Mills’ Key Stage 3 Art club are joint ‘class of the week’ winners. These amazing students welcomed and were inspired by a local artist, Mrs Sarah Smalldon. Mrs Smalldon is working with our students on the ‘Embankment Road Banner Project’. The aim of this project is to line Embankment Road with creative pictures and designs to celebrate Mayflower 400. Some of the art work our students produced were nothing short of stunning; I am sure that these will take centre stage when the project is completed!

The wonderful ‘Articulacy Group’ are my second ‘class of the week’. To pass this qualification students had to undertake the daunting prospect of speaking with confidence to a large audience. Their presentation had to include learning and reciting a poem, reading an extract from a book, and describing their favourite recreational activity. I am proud that every student passed with flying colours, a large number gaining Distinction and Merit certificates. Well done indeed.

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