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Mr Corrigan’s Class of the Week

Year 7 must be having an exceptional couple of weeks as, once again, they have been voted ‘Class of the Week’. This time, it is for PE and comes at a very appropriate time as we are just about to take Year 7 applications to our Sports Academy. Miss Mullally is delighted with the enthusiasm and commitment that her class has for everything sporty. She comments, “ It is lovely to teach a class who love all types of sport, are keen to get fully involved, in every session, have an excellent attitude and perfect behaviour.

Teaching this amazing group of individuals is a real highlight of my week.” Miss Mullally continues, “We have some individuals who are very talented and look forward to seeing them represent the College. I suspect one of two could make it to regional level and even higher.”

We are so proud of every one of you. Keep it going !

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