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Mia Endacott : an exceptional athlete

Mia Endacott has been part of the 10 episodes on CBBC, Can You Kick It. The elimination rounds took her to a number of venues that included St George’s Park (England’s Nationals Training Centre), Wolverhampton Wanderers, Liverpool FC, SV Hoffenheim in Germany with the final in Edinburgh. She topped the leader board during the course of the 10 weeks and made it to the final three.

The final competition and decider was to complete the obstacle course in the fastest time, the winner to be crowned the ’Can You Kick It’ champion. Mia went first in the challenge and set the benchmark for the others to beat and we are proud to announce she finished as the runner up.

Mia’s experiences will no doubt help her in the future with her aspirations. We are really proud that she chose Eggbuckland Community College and has made a superb start here.

I’m sure we will hear about more successes in the near future.

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