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Last Minute Study Tips for Year 11 Students and Parents

As the GCSE examinations start to get under way, it’s important that students make the most of those last few opportunities to revise. Here are a few tips:

· Make amendments to revision timetables so that things that are still unlearnt can be revised without panic. Using feedback from PPEs and PLCs will help with that.

· Chunk revision into short sections and vary the subjects being revised. Sitting for several hours on just one subject is not the best use of time.

· Complete any practice questions or tasks under timed conditions.

· Ask for help from your teachers and make sure you attend all the revision sessions they put on for you.

· Take regular breaks and build in some ‘downtime’ when you can relax

· Make sure you have all of the required equipment in plenty of time so there is no panic on the evening before, or morning of, the exam (this May bank holiday weekend is the ideal time to stock up).

· Check exam timetables and instructions so that you know exactly when each exam is. Note the start and end times as some afternoon exams may mean that you will not finish College at 3.05pm.

· Don’t forget that all teachers and staff at the College want every student to do well so please ask if you need help, support, a question answering – we’re all here for you.

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