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Futures Friday

Today Next Steps South West delivered a Careerpilot Skills Builder presentation to Year 12 students as part of their Character programme. Careerpilot is a website that enables students to research career pathways as well as record their skills to support them as they apply for future opportunities whether these are in higher education or employment. As well as information for students, Careerpilot also have an excellent parent zone to support parents with navigating the range of options available to students as they move through their education, we encourage parents to visit the website with their children to talk through these options.

In celebration of European Day of Languages earlier this week, students from all year groups today received a virtual assembly from Exeter University on the importance of a second language.

Language skills are much sought after by employers and universities, the ability to speak another language will open doors for students as they move on from school, the presentation also included information on culture, diversity and travelling, all additional topics that can benefit from knowledge of an additional language.

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