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Make 2024 the year you stop that negative thinking!


Building Unstoppable Self-Confidence for Teens – Derek T Freeman


You already have the key to unlocking your real personality and fearlessly creating your authentic life free of labels and comparisons – you just need to be shown how.


Labels and comparisons stop you from being your real self. You try to live up to an ideal - to be like the teen you think is smarter, better looking, and more popular than you… And when you do that - when you try to be something you’re not - you’re living under false pretences. This is when the domino effect kicks in: you start to live in fear that someone may find out who you really are. It wrecks your self-esteem, personal power, and any belief that you deserve much more.


That’s a lonely place to be and no way to live your life, right?


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


With the help of this book, you can uncover the whole, wonderful person within and, from that, create an incredible life on your own terms.


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