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European day of Languages

Throughout Europe 88 million Europeans are encouraged to celebrate languages on the 26th of September. On Thursday, Eggbuckland once again joined in the celebrations.

The day started with all classes being registered in a foreign language of their choice, with some teachers and students “ showing off” their talents in less spoken languages. In fact some teachers enjoyed it so much they have decided to continue to take the register in a foreign language for the rest of the month! Competition was fierce amongst tutor groups to win a top French prize in a multilingual quiz.

Austin Farm , Compton, Eggbuckland Vale, Widey Court and St Edwards primaries then joined both Mlles Lourdelet and Moynet for two hours of fun and creativity all in French.

All Year 5 and 6 students worked hard , whilst smiling, to create their own aliens on i-Pads and describe them in detail in French. They particularly enjoyed our balloon games and talking to our Year 10 and 11 helpers. All children and teachers sang and danced to the tune ‘tête, épaule, genoux et pied’ or ‘Head , Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ before enjoying

a French ‘goûter’ served by our own students; a well-earned treat.

The winning school ( Austin Farm) went back to their school with a prize while other children held proudly their French Certificates. Many were keen to stay longer but it is only an “ aurevoir” until we meet them again in September 2020/2021!

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